[W4FHU] Last call for anyone wanting a Digital mode kit.

Joel Joel at Cyberbest.com
Sat Aug 1 01:43:51 CDT 2009

As you might already know, our next meeting will be a construction meeting.
We will be building digital mode interfaces to allow your computer and radio
to operate on the  popular digital modes like SSTV, PSK-31, Packet, APRS, CW
and many, many more.   Even if you decide to not build a kit, you can help a
friend build theirs.  The meeting should be long enough to get a good start
on things but probably not enough time to complete a full kit. But I will
provide all the parts and instructions you should need.  Anyway, I need time
to order the parts to make sure I have everything people will need.  I
should have more then enough parts to build many more interfaces then the
club would need. But I also need to provide the radio connectors for anyone
wanting the complete kit.  Those connectors can be different for many
radios, so I need to know which radios so I can get the order in quickly.
While you might be able to buy the parts from a place like Radio Shack, the
connectors alone would cost more then the whole kit.  I order my parts from
out of country to get a good price. But I need to allow about 3 weeks for
shipping.  So, if you are interested in building a kit. Please let me know
by the end of this weekend. I'll be making the order for the needed parts on


I have attached a schematic of the Basic Interface we will be building.


Please look over the list below and see if your order looks correct.  At the
moment I can add or change your order to meet your needs, it might be
difficult later.


Barry - One basic kit

Thad - One complete kit for TS-450 radio

Mike & Louise - One basic kit and two complete kits for Icom 718 radios

Tim Clark --  Two complete kits minus the radio connectors and cables.

John Adams - One complete kit for Yaesu FT-817
Richard England - One complete kit for Kenwood 570D

Gary Roeder - 2 Complete kits - Unknown radios.



Here is a recap of the options available to club members only: 


Original digital mode interface kit --  $5.00 

-          2 -  matching transformers.

-          1 -  opto-isolator chip 

-          1-  resistor

-          1 -  pot

-          1 - led

-          1 - capacitor

-          1 - perfboard.

-          Instructions and hands on help.


Additional options:

Interface to computer cables and connectors --  Add  $10.00

-          2 metal 3.5mm soundcard plugs

-          1 DB-9  Serial port connector

-          1 DB-9 connector cover

-          2  24 inch lengths of shielded cables for the sound card cables. 

-          1 36 inch cable for the serial port

-          Instructions and hands on help if needed.


Interface to radio and predrilled box - Add  $7.00

-          Special radio to interface connector(s)  Some radios take 2 or
more connectors and will be included for your radio) Please indicate your
radio type & Model.

-          36 inch radio to interface cable

-          Pre-drilled plastic box with cover.  Includes all needed screws
and spaces.

-          Instructions and hands on help if needed.


Thanks & 73


Joe Loucka  AG4QC

(731) 983-5948


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