[W4FHU] Solder Smoke around the corner

Joel Joel at Cyberbest.com
Thu Aug 13 11:23:22 CDT 2009

This is just a reminder that It's just a week until out next Radio Club
meeting.  This month we are building our home brew digital interfaces.  I
finished the design and finalized the parts list last week and built the
first interface. I used it to make a number of contacts and even a few DX.
So the design and parts work great.  So now it's time for you to build yours
starting at our August meeting.  So blow the dust off your soldering irons
and come on out and join in the fun, Thursday Aug 20th at 7:00.  Henderson
Church of Christ.  Even if you're not building a interface, come on out and
lend a hand.


This is a lit of what you will probably need to  bring to the meeting to
start building your kits.


-          Soldering iron

-          Solder

-          Wire cutter and long nose pliers

-          Magnifying glass for us old people.

-          Some sort of mat or cardboard to put down so we don't burn a hole
in the tables.

-          Maybe a small box to take home your partially built interface and


I will have some spare parts & partial parts kits available if you change
your mind or need extras. If you need more information on the kits, feel
free to shoot me an e-mail.


I can't wait to see everyone there.


Joe Loucka  AG4QC

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