[W4FHU] W4FHU EchoLink project update

Joel Joel at cyberbest.com
Wed Jan 2 14:29:21 CST 2013

I just wanted to shoot out a quick update on the status of the W4FHU
repeater EchoLink project.  I ran into a wall with interactions of the
repeater radio and multiple PL tones that shot down my original idea.  Then
I launched an EchoLink test with just the one PL tone that was active only
during conversations and not during repeater generated ID and courtesy tones
(noise).  While this worked well, it broke all the radios that depend on the
PL tone being on all the time (TSQ).  So I was sort of stuck with a bad,
worse or none option.  


But now I think I have yet another solution that might work around our short
comings. The goal is the ideal solution that would allow the repeater to
seem to operate normally and yet have 100% EchoLink capabilities. Of course
if we had Internet at the repeater or link radios with all their trimmings
this would be easier. 


So in the next week or so you will again be hearing me testing and hopefully
EchoLink will become a reality.   


Have a great New Year



Joe Loucka  AG4QC

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